Comentum's new creative lab provides the ability for the Creative Innovation Team researchers to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. The team is made up of Programming Engineers and Visual Designers — each team member has extensive abilities and knowledge contributing to a broad range of disciplines.


Web Design Experts

User Experience

Comentum's User Experience (UX) Design Team are specialists in providing your target audience with the best visual expression and most positive, memorable experiences for your project's web application and mobile application.

Specific aspects and areas of expertise in user experience design that are included in all projects are:
Visual Design — the look and feel or visual communication of the page concepts and user interface are created to bring the project's visual experience to the highest level
— best practices and usability standards are used for the most efficient and common sense audience experience
User Interactivity
— interactivity is used to provide users with appropriate responses to their selections and interactions with the website and application interface
Information Architecture
— the most logical and intuitive organization of information is designed into the site structure, navigation and overall concept of information delivery for each project


Comentum's experience in creative design spans all areas of web application and mobil app projects. Creating something unique and also appropriate for the project is important to raise your project above the endless repeat designs found on the Internet today. Comentum's Creative Innovation Team develop creative new approaches to complex problems — both visually and through innovative solutions in web and mobile application development.

Areas that Comentum's Creative Innovation Team specialize in are:

  • Web Application and Mobile Application Creative Ideas and Innovations
  • Advanced Programming Research
  • Hardware and Software Creative Application Resolutions for New Inventions
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Development
  • Naming — New Products, Online Businesses
  • Memorable Landing Pages and Mini Sites
  • Innovative Interface Design
  • Collaborative Creative Concepts for Immerging New Businesses


Web design and development with a focus on clean, professional design and clear communications that produce results and help to create high conversions and repeat users.

With a strong background in eCommerce, the Creative Team understands the benefit of influencing the user in a creatively persuasive way.

The Comentum approach is to create the perfect influencial interface based on the needs of your audience and your competive landscape.

The public pages of your web application or mobile application project are your face to the world and it is important to brand your company with appropriate marketing decisions. Comentum's Creative Design Team build the top layer to your application with a memorable interface that is not only unique, but ranks well among the competition because Comentum's Intelligent SEO™ is built into the development.

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