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Features Summary

  • Fully Customizable
  • Scalable and Secure
  • Venue Management
  • Broker Management
  • Seating Map Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Ticket Class Manager
  • Ticket Items with flexible Tax options and reporting (Sales Tax, LET Tax, Local, County Tax)
  • Agent Box Office (POS and Barcode Scanning)
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Promo Systems

Venue Management

  • Add / Edit Venue
  • Name, Description, and Address
  • Search Venues
  • Summary and Detail Views

Broker Management

  • Add / Edit Broker
  • Search Brokers
  • Summary and Detail Views

Sales Channels

  • Add / Edit Sales Channels (Box Office, Website, Broker)
  • Detailed Sales Channel Information
  • Sales Channel Search

Seating Manager

  • Create Seating Map
  • Duplicate Existing Seating Map
  • Edit Seating Map
  • Create Seating Group
  • Build Seats in each Group

Event / Show Manager

  • Add / Edit Events
  • Assign Date Range for Ticket Sales
  • Assign Venues
  • Assign Seating Map

Ticket Class Manager

  • Create / Edit Custom Ticket Classes
  • Choose Options for Ticket Classes
    (Adult Ticket with Drink)
  • Choose Tax Options per Item
    (Sales Tax, LET Tax)
  • Add Items (Adult Ticket, Drink)
  • Assign Seating Group
  • Assign Sales Channel
  • Specify Price, Fees, and / or Discounts
  • Specify Broker Commission Amount


  • Multiple Options for Allocating Seats
  • Specify Venues, Events, Sales Channels, and More
  • De-allocate Seats
  • Allocate by Date Range
  • Allocate by Seating Group

Agent Box Office

  • Create Ticket Sale
  • Choose Delivery Option (Will Call, Print at home, Door Sale)
  • Select Seating Group (VIP, General Admission)
  • Select Seat from Seating Group
  • Confirm and Submit Order
  • Print the Ticket(s)
  • Edit Order
  • Search Events
  • Search for Seating
  • Optional Promo Codes
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Search Orders and Reservations
  • Refund Order (Choose Seats to be Refunded, Set Cancellation Fee per Ticket)


  • Receipt Detail Report
  • Daily Report
  • Master Sales Summary Report (Group by Events)
  • Commission Summary Report (Group by Sales Channel)

Ticket Printing

  • Ticket Design & Layout
  • Research the Best Printing Options

User Administration

  • Add / Edit User
  • Enable / Disable User
  • Change Password
  • Custom Permissions Levels
  • Search Users


  • Track All User Actions in the Administration Dashboard
  • Track All User Actions in the Agent Box Office

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