Comentum launches the new version of Comentum enterprise eCommerce Software

Comentum announces the new version release of Comentum's eCommerce Software.

Comentum has just released a new version (Version 7.0) of its enterprise eCommerce software. The new version has all of the functionalities that any eCommerce site requires with the addition of many creative elements and implementation of the best usability and user experience features.

The added functionality includes a new product and inventory management system for promoting and up-selling products using different user shopping behaviors and related, associated and similar products.

On the product administration side, there is a new intuitive and user friendly product / inventory management system to allow the store owners to easily manage inventory and create the up-sell products.

There are also new product packaging and grouping features to allow store owners to easily create bundled products which is another method of generating income for online store owners.

On the Mobile Platform side, the new version of Comentum eCommerce has a new mobile friendly version with a very attractive and intuitive user interface to allow mobile users to easily search and browse for products and complete the purchase through a mobile device.

The new version also has an improved Order Management System, Customer Management System, Reports and even a Quote System for store owners who may need to provide a quote and save the quote or convert the quote to an order.

On the Administration and Store Settings, store owners can select multiple carriers such as UPS, FedEX or USPS and get the real time cost based on package size and weight or other product packaging configurations.

The new version has been built on Comentum's robust PHP MVC framework and has out performed all other eCommerce platforms in its class with the best performance (based on the ability to provide the most number of requests per seconds and allowing the highest number of completed requests.)

Please visit Comentum eCommerce Platform Comparison and Benchmarks for more details.

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