Mobile App Developer Job Application

Description and Application

Comentum is a dynamic and cutting edge company.
Be a part of an exciting team, designing mobile and web applications. Comentum is in the forefront of worldwide internet technology. Ecommerce, web apps and mobile apps are currently in high demand and will be the dominant market in 2015, as studies show. Comentum successfully buids quality products with integrity behind every project. If you have excellent, state-of-the-art Mobile and Web Application Design, CSS and HTML skills, you will have a successful career at Comentum.

Recruiters: Please DO NOT contact us - we do not accept any applications through recruiters.


Mobile App Developer Job Application

Type of Position:

Onsite, Full Time / Part Time - our San Diego Office (please do not apply if you are looking for contract work.)


Please include programming projects that you have developed.

Job Description:

  • Work in a casual, team oriented environment to develop custom Web Applications and Mobile Apps for different projects in our San Diego office
  • The technologies that you will be using immediately: Xcode 5/6 IDE, Eclipse / Android Studio, Objective-C, Java, XML, Git
  • The practices that you need to know or learn quickly: Coding Guidelines, Security Practices, Deployment, eCommerce
  • The technologies that you can grow into: Android and iOS Apps, PhoneGap (Apache Cordova), Git, Node.js, Objective-C, Java, Linux, Apache, Linux and Apache Security, Selenium

Mobile App Development Experience Requirements:

  • Native iOS
    • Xcode IDE
    • Swift or Objective-C
    • Story boarding – Designs work on iPhone / iPad in landscape and portrait
    • UI Automation Tests, Unit Tests
    • Provisions, Test flight, Certificates
  • Native Android
    • Eclipse or Android Studio
    • Java, C++ with NDK is a plus
    • XML Layout Markup
    • UI Automator Tests, Exerciser Monkey, Unit Tests

Other Experience Requirements:

  • Able to deploy applications to iOS and Android app stores
  • In-App Purchases and Subscriptions
  • Push Notifications, Remote and Local
  • Saving to local storage such as sqlite, core data, settings, etc
  • Can integrate third party SDKs such as facebook, and paypal.
  • Can execute a design mockup to interface using xml or designer tools built into each environment.
  • Understands background operations, and threads
  • Networking such as calling out to REST services and websockets
  • Clear understanding of limitations, performance of animations, data processing, and effects
  • Knows about app store limitations and requirements for Apple App Store or Google Play such as export laws, encryption, privacy of data, insecure data, etc
  • Must have the ability to follow through, with attention to detail

The Comentum advantage:

  • Casual and fun environment - non corporate style
  • Flexible hours
  • Free food - breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices, Frappuccinos, coffees, snacks,...
  • Bunch of young programmers and designers with very good foosball skills
  • Exciting learning environment
  • Benefits and bonuses
  • If you wish, you can earn overtime and work weekends and evenings when needed.
  • Having the opportunity to learn, grow and share the success
  • Videos and Satelite TV at lunch.

Job Application:

In addition to filling out our online application, please email us your resume separately to:

Please answer all of the required fields including the Expected Pay.

*Zip code:
*Starting pay range expectation:
from:p/hour - to:p/hour
*Days of availability: Ex. Mon - Fri
*Hours of availability: Ex. 8am - 5pm
*How many years of experience do you have and in what field?:
*Are you working as an independent contractor?: yes: no:
*Are you currently employed?: yes: no:
*If currently employed, why are you leaving?:
*Link(s) to your projects and work samples:

*Please rank your experience on the items below on a scale from 1 - 10, with 1 being minimal experience and 10 being 4+ years experience, expert and very capable:

Java: Objective-C:
Android Apps: iOS Apps:
C#: Javascript:
Singleton Pattern: HMVC, or MVVM Patterns:
jQuery: Other JS Framework:
PHP MVC Pattern: MySQL:
ActionScript: C:
Drupal: Joomla:
Other programming experience:
Other Popular Frameworks:

MAC Experience
Macintosh: DreamWeaver:
Flash: Final Cut Pro:
Photoshop: Illustrator:
InDesign: BBEdit:

Linux environment and server experience:
Linux: Apache:

For Information Contact:
Comentum Corp
6222 Ferris Sq.
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858-410-1500
Fax: 858-410-0707

Sales: 800-387-1920
Hours: Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST

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