How to add an Email Account to Mac Mail

  1. In Mac Mail, go to the Mail menu and click on Preferences.

    Add Email Account to Mac Mail

  2. Click the Accounts icon in the Mail Preferences window.
  3. Click + to create a new account.

    Mac Mail setup

  4. Select POP from the drop down menu.
  5. Enter your email information:

    User Infomation:
    Your Name: This is the name that will be displayed when sending your email
    Email Address: The email address people will reply to when receiving email from you

    Logon Infomation:
    User Name: With Comentum email accounts this is your email address name example:
    Password: Assigned by your email provider

    Mail Mail setup

  6. From the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown select Add Server.
  7. Enter the Outgoing Mail server information.

    Server Information:
    Incoming Server (POP3): (for Comentum email accounts)
    Outgoing Server (SMTP): (for Comentum email accounts)
    Note: see below for SBC and RoadRunner users

    Mac Mail

  8. Click OK.

SBC and RoadRunner Users (or any Internet provider)

If you have Internet Access through a company such as SBC or RoadRunner, you may need to check the button
'Log on using.' Then fill in the following fields:
User Name: (Type in your email address. Example:
Password: (Type in the password given to you by Comentum)
Outgoing Server (SMTP): Call SBC or RoadRunner for their information and enter it into the field

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