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Guide to Internet Database Development

Benefits and Guide to Internet Database Development

by Bernard Kohan

Internet Database Applications

Internet Database Applications are programs that are built to run on Internet browsers and communicate with database servers. Internet Database Applications are usually developed using very few graphics and are built using XHTML forms and Style Sheets.

Most companies are starting to migrate from the old fashioned desktop database applications to web based Internet Database Applications in XHTML format.

Below are some of the benefits of Internet Database Applications:

  • Powerful and Scalable - Internet Database Applications are more robust, agile and able to expand and scale up more easily.
    Database servers that are built to serve Internet applications are designed to handle millions of concurrent connections and complex SQL queries.
    A good example is Facebook, which uses database servers that are able to handle millions of inquiries and complex SQL queries.
    Internet database applications use the same type of database server that is designed to run Facebook. The database servers that are built to serve desktop applications usually can handle only a limited number of connections and are not able to deal with complex SQL queries.
  • Web Based - Internet Database Applications are web based applications, therefore the data can be accessed using a browser at any location.
  • Security - Database servers have been fortified with preventive features and security protocols have been implemented to combat today's cyber security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Open Source, Better Licensing Terms and Cost Savings - There are many powerful database servers that are open source. This means that there is no licensing cost. Many large enterprise sites are using Open Source Database Servers, such as Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, etc. . Open Source also creates less dependence on vendors, which is a big advantage because that provides more product quality control and lower cost. Open source also offers easier customization and is experiencing a fast growing adoption rate, especially by the large and influential enterprises.
  • Abundant Features - There are many open source programming languages (such as PHP, Python, Ruby) and hundreds of powerful open source libraries, tools and plug-ins specifically built to interact with today's database servers.
Bernard Kohan

Bernard Kohan is a mobile app and web application development and technology analyst expert. He is available to discuss any issues or questions you have about web development and the best choices for your company or project.

Bernard can be reached at

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