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e-Business Strategy and Process

by Bernard Kohan

1. Business Planning and Strategy

  • Business Structure - determine business structure
  • Legal Research - determine business legal requirements, prerequisite and implications
  • Business Concept - determine business concept, practicability and prospects
  • Business Strategy - determine business direction, , income requirements, customer or user acquisition
  • Operational Strategy - determine business operations requirements and prerequisite

2. Market Research, Planning and Strategy

  • Market Research - research market landscape and audience demographics
  • Design and Usability Research - research audience landscape and brand and usability requirements
  • Competitive Research - research competitive landscape and your competitive approach, brand and marketting strategy
  • Brand Strategy - determine brand direction based on audience and market landscape
  • Marketing Research and Strategy - Research and determine available marketing options. For example: SEO, SEM, Social Networking, PR, Advertising

3. Design, Development, SEO, SEM

  • Project Management - Select and assign project manager(s)
  • Technology Selection - Technology and platform selection
  • SEO, SEM and other marketing strategy implementation - Plan and determine the marketing options and tailor the site structure and design to accomodate different online marketing options
  • Wireframing - Create site structure, navigation and how it intract with the users or clients
  • Design and Development - Hire a design and development firm (or team) to create the site design and branding and develop (program) the site

4. e-Business Deployment and Maintenance

  • Beta Launch, Bug Fixing and Usability testing - Launch the site in beta mode and have testers (or volunteer users) to test your site for bugs and usability issues
  • Hosting and Security - Select hosting and security componets (such as SSL certificate, etc.) for your site
  • Go Live - Deploy the site and go live
  • Maintanance - Hire a design and development team to maintain and manage your development, backup and other site management needs
  • Version Control and Upgrades - Hire a development team to implement upgrades or version control systems

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