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eCommerce SEO / Shopping Cart SEO

How to implement search engine friendly shopping carts and
eCommerce SEO

by Bernard Kohan

This article is written to inform end-users and businesses on how to implement a search engine friendly eCommerce site.

In today's competitive market, if an eCommerce site does not have the necessary search engine optimizations, it will not be able to compete and succeed.

Below should be your prime considerations for choosing a good shopping cart for your site's SEO / SEM / SEF:

WWW & non-WWW
Most sites are not configured correctly by default which could reduce the overall site and page ranking by 30% - 50%

Title, Meta Tags
Competitive research and proper implementation can increase keyword phrase search traffic by 30% - 50%

Keyword Friendly URLs
Proper implementation combined with the other SEO items can increase keyword phrase search traffic by 20%

Proper implementation can increase keyword phrase search traffic by 20%

Speed / Performance
Slow loading and bloaded pages may rank low on Google

Exact pages different URLs
Mis-configuration could reduce the duplicate page ranking by 30% - 50%

Image Alt tags
The Alt Tags are often overlooked, but can increase keyword phrase search ranking by 10%

Proper HTML, CSS configuration
Improperly tagged pages, including JavaScript in the page or multiple CSS files can reduce the page ranking by 20% - 30%

Google Site Map
A Google-based Site Map may help your site's content to be indexed faster

Research for this article was completed February 1, 2011; pricing and other information may change.

Bernard Kohan

Bernard Kohan is a mobile app and web application development and technology analyst expert. He is available to discuss any issues or questions you have about web development and the best choices for your company or project.

Bernard can be reached at

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