New from Comentum — Calculate in Real Time, the Cost of a Custom eCommerce Web Application

Comentum's ecommerce online web application cost generator is a new tool for companies or entrepreneurs that helps to estimate the cost of a custom ecommerce web application — from a basic ecommerce project to a one-of-a-kind robust application with every bell and whistle imaginable.

"There is no cost to use the system and there are "no strings attached," says Bernard Kohan, Chief New Business Development Officer at Comentum. Comentum simply wants to let anyone that is interested in creating an ecommerce web application project idea, to be able to tailor their project according to their budget and see the cost instantly displayed as they select and unselect ecommerce features.

Comentum's design and development teams are capable of building any size project for a business, with any level of complexity. The "Web App Estimator" shows the user a snap shot of some of the basic features of an ecommerce application, such as Product Browsing, Product Search, Promotions and Coupons, Shopping Cart and Checkout, Payment Options, Product Administration, Gift Certificates, Order Management, and Export/Import Features to name a few. In each of the basic features are more detailed features to select or unselect, to customize the application to the user's needs.

By selecting only the necessary items for the ecommerce project, the application is economical, remains robust and operates faster than other shopping cart systems. As the business grows, additional features can be seamlessly added to the system to maintain the optimum shopping cart experience.

Comentum welcomes anyone interested in replacing their outdated, expensive to maintain, slow operating and user-unfriendly shopping cart applications with a new Comentum eCommerce system that customers will enjoy and business owners can easily manage and maintain, because Comentum's eCommerce generates success.

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