Comentum Creates New Mobile App Framework and Platform Coding Guidelines

Comentum's Mobile Framework will provide ease of development and will help creating secure, maintainable code

The design and development of any mobile application project depends on the creation of a solid roadmap and project blueprint, and making the best possible decisions. Choosing the supported mobile app platforms and the right mobile development environment for your project are critical for a successful mobile application project.

To name a few mobile app development guidelines:

  • Developing using structured maintainable code
  • Using the best coding practices
  • Building the application with the mobile application security in mind
  • Building for the best optimized code and performance
  • Consideration of providing engaging design
  • Maintaining and development of the brand
  • Providing the best user experience

There is a great deal of demand for Mobile App development, especially in the United States, and there are many new mobile app development companies born every day. However, there are no guidelines, standards or requirements for becoming a Mobile App developer.

The mobile app industry is growing and evolving quickly — there are new platform development environments created every day (currently over 100 platforms available) which can create confusion for organizations who would like to select the right environment for their project.

Comentum's experienced mobile app consultants can help organizations making the right decision for their projects.

Comentum's development team is comprised of specialized developers with each team having the most experience in development platforms and business categories. For example, Comentum's iPhone App Developers have the most experience in the Objective-C development platform. Comentum's Google Android App Developers have the most experience in the Java development platform. The Comentum teams are highly experienced in Social Networking, Collaboration, eCommerce, CMS, Calendaring, Directories, Surveys, Events, LMS, etc.

For over 26+ years Comentum has been building a wide variety of applications. With experience and knowledge in different application categories Comentum helps clients to select the best platform technology for their project.

Comentum has put much of it's focus on building apps on a solid coding structure, following the best coding practices, and creating structured frameworks. This makes development of any mobile application streamlined, secured and reduces the development costs.

Comentum has also developed a new JavaScript Framework for the PhoneGap Development Environment. This provides a platform for mobile app developers to easily create mobile apps using a streamlined and structured method.

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