Manage and Administer Email Accounts

  1. Go to the Comentum's site:
  2. Click on the Client Center (upper right of web site) and click Admin
  3. Log in by typing your email address and password. (you need to be an administrator)
  4. Click on your Domain Name to view email accounts.

- To Add A New Email Address: click on the New user icon on the top nav bar.

set up new email account
(click to view larger)

- To Edit/Manage: click on any existing email account

Fill in the following:
Alias: Type in the first part of the email address - the part before the @ sign. (example: joe)
Username: Type in the full email address. (example
Full Name: Type in the name that you wish to appear in the "from" when you send an email using Web Mail.
Password: Type in your password. (Must be at least 5 characters and/or numbers)
Confirm: Retype password.
OK: Click "ok" to complete email account.

configure email account

Advanced Configurations:

How to setup email forwarding
How to create an Auto Responder
How to turn on Spam Filter

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