Migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird

Transferring Mailboxes, Address Book, and Settings

  1. Start Thunderbird for the first time, select to import from Eudora and click Next. (if you are not starting ThunderBird for the first time, click on Tools -> Import and Select Mail and follow the instructions. You may need to repeat this step for Address Book and Settings import

    Eudora to Thunderbird migration
  2. Once the import is completed, click on Finish.

    import from Eudora to Thunderbird
  3. Once the Import Wizard finishes, your mail should appear in Thunderbird's Inbox under "Local Folders." When you receive new mail, it will appear in the Inbox under "Eudora Settings."

    export Eudora to Thunderbird
  4. To view your address book, select Tools then Address Book.
    Note: In some cases, the address book data will not import into Thunderbird. A workaround has been found:

    - Import the Eudora csv file into the Windows address book.
    - Import this address book into Thunderbird.
    - The built-in utility of the Windows address book works much better at adjusting the information to agree with the labelling within the address book. This process required no editing afterwards within Thunderbird
  5. If you have any problems sending or receiving messages, compare your settings to the settings found at the configuration page: Configuration Settings

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