STRING: Pre-defined Functions - PHP to JavaScript

  String/Integer - PHP String/Integer JavaScript
Is String? is_string($str); typeof(str)=="string";
Is Integer or Float is_int ( mixed $var );
is_numeric ( mixed $var );
is_float ( mixed $var );
document.write(isNaN(348)) produces: false
String Length strlen($str); str.length;
Convert to Upper or Lower strtolower(str);
Replace text within a portion of a string str_replace( $look-for-this-text, $replace-it-with-this-text, $str );
$bodytag = str_replace("%body%", "black", "<body text='%body%'>");
Produces: <body text='black'>
str.replace( look-for-this-text, replace-it-with-this-text );
Return part of a string substr($str, $start, $length);
echo substr('abcdef', 1); produces: bcdef
echo substr('abcdef', 1, 3); produces: bcd
str.substr(int start, int lenght);
var str = 'Hello world!';
alert(str.substring(0,4)); produces 'Hell'

str.substring(int start, int end));
var str = 'Hello world!';
alert(str.substring(1,4)); produces 'ello'
Return a character at a certain position substr($str, $position, $length=1);
echo substr('Hello World', 6, 1); produces: W
var hello="Hello World";
var char=hello.charAt(6); produces: W
alert('The 6th character is ' + char + '.');
Find position # of first occurrence of a string strpos('abc', 'b'); produces: 1
strpos( 'abcdef abcdef', 'a', 1); produces 7, not 0
var str = 'Hello world';
positionofW = str.indexOf('W');
document.write(positionofW); produces: 6
alert('The a is at position ' + positionofW + '.');
Find first occurrence of a string strstr($stack, $needle, bool $before_needle)

$email = '';
$domain = strstr($email, '@');
echo $domain; // prints

$user = strstr($email, '@', true);
echo $user; // prints name
stack.substring( stack.indexOf(needle) );
To Split String into Arrays explode(splitter, str);
$str = 'Hello Array World';
$strarray = new Array();
$strarray = explode(" ", $str);
$strarray[0] = 'Hello';
$strarray[1] = 'Array';
$strarray[2] = 'World';
var str = 'Hello Array World';
var strarray = new Array();
strarray = str.split( " ");
strarray[0] = 'Hello';
strarray[1] = 'Array';
strarray[2] = 'World';
Replace text within a portion of a string substr_replace( $str, $replacement, $index, $length ); str.replace( str.substring( index, (index+length) ), replacement );
Strip HTML and PHP tags from a string $stripstr=striptags($str); stripstr=str.replace(/<[^>]+>/g, '');
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