How to Setup WS_ftp to upload/download files

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  1. Open WS_ftp Pro Explorer.
  2. Double-click on "New".
  3. In "New Site/Folder" pop-up window, check "FTP Site" and type (replace "yourdomainname" with the name of your domain) under the "with name" field. Click "Next".
  4. Under "Host Name or IP Address", it should aready have "www." already entered but if not, type it in. Click "Next".
  5. Under Logon Information, type in the UserID and Password that was given to you by Comentum and click Save Password. Click "Finish".
  6. Under Preferences, uncheck the Passive Mode. Click "Save". Click "OK".
  7. Now, under the "WS_ftp Pro Explorer" window, you will see an icon for your the new site you just entered.
    Doubleclick on the icon/site to connect and browse the site files.
    NOTE: You should see your files. If your not able to see the files, double check that the Passive Mode is turned off (unchecked) under your Preferences settings (To get to check your Preferences settings, right-click on your site icon and select "Site Properties" or "Site Preferences").
  8. To download/upload files, select, drag, and drop the files to and from the site window.
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