Comentum Introduces New Web Application Products for Internet Entrepreneurs

Internet entrepreneurs with new online business ideas in eCommerce, CMS, Social Networking, LMS, Ticketing System, and other Web Application products can fast track their concept into a successful online business

Today's business entrepreneurship has evolved to a different complex landscape that depends on new Internet strategies and marketing.

Despite the popular belief that a few large companies have monopolized the market, (such as the concept of Facebook monopolizing the social networking market), there are a lot of specialized, niche areas that are available to grab that can lead to the next big success.

Comentum has created the framework and core functionalities for today's most common web applications. These core functionalities and frameworks are in the areas of eCommerce, Content Management System (CMS), Social Networking, Learning Management System (LMS), Online Ticketing System, Online Survey, etc.

Comentum has built these popular frameworks with the following considerations and advantages:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Structured and Maintainable Code
  • Scalable with the Best Performing Code Base
  • Security and Compliance
  • Developer Friendly

Fully Customizable

Comentum has years of experience in building custom web applications. Experience shows that each web application has its own unique needs, therefore it is not useful to build a one-size-fits-all web application software. So, Comentum has built the core frameworks with the core features for all popular web applications with a code base that is easily customizable.

Structured and Maintainable Code

Comentum has a team of experienced programmers who are experts in building web applications on structured maintainable code. This allows any experienced developer to manage and customize the web application.

Scalable with the Best Performing Code Base

Comentum has built its own Web Application Framework which has the best performance in its class. Comentum's experienced programmers write code and SQL queries in the most optimized method and use techniques such as caching in order to create the best possible performance.

Security and Compliance

Comentum's team of Security experts have implemented all security protocols built into Comentum's Framework in order to prevent any security threats.

Developer Friendly

Comentum's team of experienced programmers have built Comentum's Web Application Framework in a developer friendly environment, so any experienced developer can customize and built additional modules or features on top of the Framework.

Below are a few examples of Comentum's Web Application Frameworks:

Enterprise eCommerce Software

Comentum's revolutionary Enterprise eCommerce Software Framework is built on a developer friendly, fully customizable framework. Comentum's enterprise eCommerce is secure, scalable and can fit any size business. It has all essential modules for managing customers, vendors, comprehensive inventory management and tracking, order management, purchasing, invoicing, shipping and logistics, quotes and sales management, marketing, reporting and much more.

Social Networking Software

Comentum's Social Networking Software Framework is a powerful and fully customizable Web Application. It has all of the standard features of a Social Networking Software such as Membership Functions, Friends Functions, Group Functions, Gallery Functions, Community Functions, Events and Calendars, Chat Functions, etc.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Comentum's experienced development team has built the practical and user friendly Learning Management System Framework that can fit any size organization. It has all of the standard features of a Learning Management Software such as e-learning, quizzes, comprehensive reports, account management, ecommerce functionalities, promo system and much more.

Online Ticketing System Software

One of the greatest advantage of Comentum's Online Ticketing System Software Framework is that business owners do not need to pay a royalty fee or a percentage of their ticket sales to Comentum. There is simply a one-time licensing fee. Also, business owners can customize the Ticketing System application to fit their needs. Comentum's full-featured Online Ticketing System has been built to deliver all essential ticketing system's functions. It has features from Venue Management to an Agent Box Office POS System. It also provides the flexibility and options to calculate different required tax rates such as local, county, state sales tax, LET Tax (Live Entertainment Tax, etc.

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