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Joseph Montanez

Joseph Montanez is the head of Comentum's programming department, and technology analyst expert at Comentum.

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Bernard Kohan

Bernard Kohan is a web application development and technology analyst expert. He is available to discuss any issues or questions you have about web development and the best choices for your company or project.

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Amazon EC2 vs Rackspace Cloud vs Linode

Cost, Features and Support

by Joseph Montanez

There are many companies that provide hosting and cloud services.

Below are the large providers of cloud hosting and comparison of their services:

  Amazon EC2
Rackspace Cloud
Technical Support
$49 Monthly ($100+ for Phone) Free (Includes Phone Support) $100 Monthly (No Phone Support)
Setup Help $15,000 Monthly $100 Monthly Managed N/A Online Documentation
Uptime 99.95% 99.90% 99.90%
Database Scalability Master / Slave Replication Single Instance None
Database Backup
Web Server Scalability Horizontal Auto Scaling Horizontal Auto Scaling Vertical Scaling
CPU Scalability
1 - 32 Processors 1 - 8 Processors 8 Processors
RAM Scalability 630 MB - 244 GB 512 MB - 30 GB 1 GB - 40 GB
Storage Scalability 1 GB - 1 TB 20 GB - 1.2 TB 24 GB - 960 GB
Bandwidth Scalability 10 Gigabits 1 Gigabit 50 Megabits(2)
Security NO
Web and Files Backup
Pricing per GB Bandwith $0.12/GB (First 15 GB Free) $0.12/GB (No Free Start) $0.10/GB (First 2 TB - 20 TB Free)
Pricing per GB Storage $0.095/GB $0.100/GB $0.120/GB
Pricing per Processor $82 (1 of 32) $110 (1 of 8) $3 (1 of 8)(3)
Pricing of First 1GB RAM (MIN) $45 (1.7 GB) $44 (1.0 GB) $20 (1.0 GB)
Pricing per 1GB RAM (MAX) $11 (1.0 GB of 244 GB) $29 (1.0 GB of 30 GB) $20 (1.0 GB of 40 GB)
Restoration from a Backup

Block Storage NO
Reserved Instances NO NO
Data Centers 8 4 6
Managed Cloud Server NO
Load Balancer
Auto Scaling Elastic Beanstalk Cloud Sites Unavailable
Mobile App Control Panel
Control Panel
Complex Clean & Simple Complex

(1) Above research was completed on June 2013; Pricing, Hardware, SLAs, ratings and other data may not be accurate and may have changed.

(2) Linode uses bandwidth limit (cap) to prevent network abuse. They require submitting a ticket to request higher bandwidth.

(3) Linode will always provide a Quad Core Hyper Threaded CPU (8 Processors) at any price level, but each node level is prioritized.

(4) Amazon has serveral mobile applications to manage their services but they are built by customers: (Customer App).