Comentum's Custom Database Development Streamlines Business processes and Creates a Competitive Advantage.

Custom database design and development from Comentum provides cross-platform capabilities with web applications and corresponding mobile components.

San Diego, California, August 1, 2012 — The San Diego based web application developer, Comentum® Corporation announces the cross-platform capabilities for web database applications their mobile components.

Comentum's custom database development provides relief and cost savings for businesses that are looking for an enterprise level solution.

Powerful and flexible custom database design and development is the cornerstone of a successful company. It provides company-wide organization, specific to your business, from national to international. With all of the many benefits to your company, one of the best is the byproduct of a strong cash flow. Comentum's custom databases allow businesses to successfully manage any or all components of their operation with smooth automation and precision.

How can Comentum Custom Database Web Applications and Mobile Components turn a company into a profit-making machine?

By streamlining a company's processes with a Comentum custom-made database web application and the corresponding mobile components, there is the opportunity to do many things that can save cost throughout an organization and gain the advantage over competitors. One advantage could be to be able to successfully operate with less staff while helping retain quality employees. Another advantage could be a company-wide cost savings with potential price leadership or a superior environment for employees, customers and vendors to operate.

Because the development is tailored to each company's specific needs, it is more likely and better able to solve its problems and compete with larger but less organized companies. When mobile components are added to a custom web application, the information is available securely for anyone on the move. . . and accessed at the moment.

Comentum specializes in database-driven custom web applications . . . for mobile and the web.

Secure web application and mobile components can help a company gain the competitive edge that it needs at the perfect moment, with business processes such as accessing information, decision making, organization, planning, communicating, servicing, ordering, tracking, delivering, and providing industry leadership and corporate culture cohesiveness.

Comentum specializes in custom database development and design, including mobile components, and enjoys watching the success of the many corporations using Comentum-built custom web applications tailored to their specific needs.

About Comentum ®

Since 1996, San Diego based Comentum ® Corporation is a leading enterprise solutions company consisting of seven experienced and specialized divisions: Custom Mobile Development, Web Application Development Services, Corporate Web Design, Products, Marketing and Research Services, Consulting and Strategy services, and Technology Services.

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Comentum® provides businesses with the tools and innovation needed for success.

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